Creating music using illegal content

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    one point i feel was not really touched on is the paranoia aspect, regardless of wether or not you can or will get caught is partially dependant on if your paranoia puts you in situations that would get you caught in the first place or if you can handle the stress of the idea of being caught while using samples/VSTs. Take recreational substance dealers as an example, the casual, confident and prepared entrepreneur doesnt usually end up caught, unless of course they have the motive to be the cool kid so everyone knows, then they are in fact snitching on themselves, from my perspective that specific breed is born into that life, that have no other option, so if they are doing it for the right reasons like escape poverty with the only tools they have, and not out to kill anyone with something hardcore than whats wrong with selling a little bit of pot? so just switch the drug related words with music and ask yourself if its worth it and if you can handle the stress without a 100% clear answer, and like mentioned before from others, once you get your confidence and cash flow why not start to purchase VSTs and samples since they are what helped you get where you wanted to be? Also look to an example, Kanye West recently was pretty much caught with a screen shot on pirate bay stealing Serum, Deadmau5 taunted him and jokingly prompted people to raise money for a copy of Serum for Kanye, so just take that situation into account also ^_^
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    we gave the promise to RADIUM back then, try out and buy if you really use it, esp if you can make money from it.
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