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Discussion in 'DJ' started by TruBlood, Aug 28, 2017.

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    Best resources for crate digging/finding samples from other tunes. Hopefully they are already pre chopped up. Any resource like this out there? Maybe a big ass torrent or pack (collection of them) out there?
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    Never heard about such collections, especially if you expect pre-chopped originals but I never really searched for crates like that. I'd say it takes a lot of fun from the experience of the crate diggin' process. :unsure: On the other hand there are some big sample libraries out there, which contain samples that sound like they were pre-chopped originals. Maybe that could be a way to go.

    I'd definitely feel kinda spoon-fed, going this road. There are certainly a lot of websites or maybe torrents where you can find genre specific stuff. The big packs are hard to find nowadays. I'd always go for music that I like myself and my taste varies from time to time. Consider that maybe I'm too old to give you zeitgeisty advice because I'm already digging in the crates for 20 years. :break::chilling:

    But I think when you use samples which you personally digged and chopped, the result will be the most pleasing to yourself and possibly to your listeners, too. Be aware, that there is also music in TV, so specific OSTs can also serve as a resource.
    If you want to do the old-skool way once, even if you don't have much money, try flea-markets and shady underground record-stores (I still love that way the most). And for sure, today YouTube is also a good place to dig for them unordinary soundin loops.

    Have you read other AS threads like this one?
    @Rasputin made an interesting comment there.

    Nonetheless, would be interesting if you or another member find some pre-chopped originals. For me sampling was and still is a journey to places I could have never imagined. Have fun (most important) !! :cheers:
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    Set yourself a loopback channel on your audio interface then the world becomes your crate.

    My Spotify and Tidal don't have the artists I like, I use them just for finding obscure stuff which I favourite then come back to. When I'm finally ready to chop them, I record them using th loopback into my DAW just like one would do with vinyl.

    I typically dig on YouTube and Spotify, then try to find the song on Tidal (44.1khz), worst case Spotify.

    Anytime I find one of those sample packs I become skeptical, "how many have used this already?"

    There was one song on Kendrick's Damn that sampled from I think it was loopmasters organic something (search it on whosampled). Though the song was dope and the flip was nice kinda made me lose a little respect for the producer.

    Recently DJ Premier did and interview
    . At 46:45 he mentions how he never takes suggestions for samples from anyone because he's "selfish" and wants all the credit for himself. And one of the greatest feelings for him is when people are asking what and where he found the sample.

    3/4 of the sampling is finding the sample. I get it it's much tougher than you expected. I bought 50 records and only came out with 2 kinda useable sections. For every 30 song in spotify I find one thing that could be worked with and out of those only 10 percent are still worthy when I go back to them to chop.
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    I'm not sure you know what you are trying to do is about.
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