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    Dear friends,
    I need your help...

    Do you know a Mac Midi software or plugin which automatically creates a countermelody (usually together with the lead voice)?
    It would be great if it could read a Midi file with lead vocal line and chords (for the tonality) and the soft/plug would calculate the countermelody to the given voice.
    And even better if it could suggests more choices to choose from. Ex .: 3rd, 5th, 6th etc.

    This special soft/plug would be a great help for many singers.
    With the main line written in midi the plug would calculate various counterpoints and play them.
    So the singer or producer could listen to the new counter-melody and choose the ones best suited to the song.
    At this point the singer would record the new line with his voice. It would be very very useful.

    We accept ideas... :disco::winker:

    Many many thanks for your attention and help. :mates:

    Edit: Even if the soft is for Win/PC not the best but it would be fine anyway... :yes:
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