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Discussion in 'Electronic' started by notsoloud, May 15, 2019.

  1. So you are my hero from now on.The only way to save the music. :yes:
    You are totally right. Music is not production and production is not music. Music must be composed or played not produced. You know what I mean. Producers must not make music. Artists are the only individuals that must undertake the task of making music. We must return back to the origins. :winker:
    This is the main reason why people still try to recollect those days. In that era, music had different meanings and was being done by the people who had musical minds more elegant than toady's. They were involved in the most vital and essential ingredients of music but today, the only infatuations are with the perfection in sounds.:dunno:
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    @notsoloud Brother, this thread is getting derailed by your ongoing back and forth with @recycle. As a result, the music you so kindly shared with all of us has taken a second seat. As the OP, you need to get this thread back on track. Both of you have made valid points but your discussion has reached the point where it needs to stop or continue privately. I came to this thread for your music. Let us keep it at that. Music. :like:

    BTW, how about uploading stems and MiDi files and let some of us, lovers and criticizers of your work remix it?
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    This clearly deserves a big fat 'disagree' :yes: :winker: (I know you weren't serious).

    Your Short Piano Peace (Piece?) would've benefit from more emotional expression, aka dynamics, but I wish I had your technical skills.

    Completely unacceptable, Part II. :rofl:

    BTW, cool new avatar.
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