Chromatism is our ancient enemy!!!

Discussion in 'Education' started by foster911, Apr 25, 2018.

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    All the ambiguities, arguments, etc in the 12-TET music history refer back to the chromatism. There are some general scales being used in every song but when you derail the scales by using off-scale tones, all the problems arise.

    Chromatism is our ancient enemy.

    @Introninja please don't delete this thread. Please let us defeat the chromatism.:bow::bow::bow:
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    @foster911 I not sure if you think this is some joke or something, but just in-case IT'S NOT We mods have let you run wild causing chaos throughout the forum for a while now and its got to come to an end, but we do enjoy some of your Threads, because honestly your funny but we also know you know what you are doing. It's like your a hybrid of A Troll & Spam :excl:

    Anyways please be mindful when posting and stop making threads to get reactions, there enough already.

    Good Day:bow:
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