Cheap way to create DIY stickers and decals?

Discussion in 'Our Art' started by Bunford, Feb 9, 2017.

  1. Bunford

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    I have a business grade inkjet Brother printer and am just wondering what is the best easy/cheap way to make some DIY stickers and/or decals, ideally vinyl stickers? I need them to be with clear transparent background to put on stuff.

    Anybody got any advice they can share?

  3. subGENRE

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    Sep 8, 2011
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    Ive printed slaps for tagging (small hand sized stickers for grafiti type branding) on a color laser printer. They didnt last long exposed to the elements when we used anything but paper. But if theyre inside out of the damp and UV you should be alright. Just be careful when theyre fresh because they will smudge easily
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  4. sunwheeler

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    If I was being super specific in what kind of stickers I wanted to make (ei: transparent backgrounds) I'd probably just order those through a company that makes them professionally. In my doam I'm trying to imagine how I'd do it, given the mats you have could be very tedious. I'd probably just pay the bucks to get it done, my Sun.

    That's just me...

    But hey! Maybe if you do it enough, it'll become super streamed lined and easy.

    Because this thread is about "doing it yourself", here's what I'd recommend:

    You already have the printer, so get a hold of some decent detailing Exacto knives. A set of different sizes will be a good idea. You can get them at Opus Art Supplies or similar places.

    Fish around online or at your local art & material stores for some big sheets of Translucent Sticking sheets. Just like stickers that have a sheet of non stick stuff that you peel off, you want the same type of stuff. You'll also need some similar sticking mats that you can print on that aren't translucent. The chemicals used in the stick juice is important and its crucial to realize the importance of quality materials. In the end, as everyone should know, "you get what you pay for".

    Calling around and putting basic pieces of info together will lead you in the right direction.
    QUESTIONS are your friend in these types of situations.

    If you get those things, you'll have everything you need.

    I've never heard about anyone doing this, but I've definitely thought about it myself. Its way easier to skip the translucent part, but if that's what you need; "If there's a will, there a way"

    If you manage to create your own Shtankin Dank Custom Slappers,
    your chest will puff at least 2", permanently, and you'll be one proud azs maufaka.

    Sharing your progress will be greatly received!

    May Nature Be With You
  5. Lambchop

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    Jul 19, 2017
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    1. Google "self-adhesive transparent labels for inkjet"
    2. Listen to @sunwheeler
    Both cheaper & easier to do it online/at a local print shop. I think.
  6. potbelly

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    Mar 1, 2016
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    0 my wife has the cricut and it does a lot but if you are just looking to make stickers and decals you can probably find something cheaper. definitely better that a printer and an exacto knife though
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