CDJ-1000mk3 Question Re: Data-CD's and Waveform Info.

Discussion in 'DJ equipment' started by GreatJobChamp, Apr 25, 2017.

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    I just got CDJ-1000mk3's.

    I like the idea of NOT having to create notes with track info on them, when using audio-cd's.

    So the solution is to make data-cd's... BUT, a new problem arise. The waveform data does not load unless the track actually plays through once... which is WORTHLESS.

    Am I correct in that, using an SD-Card... I can save waveform data to THAT?... so I can then utilize the Data-CD option for burning track info?

    Or is the whole mp3-use just a selling feature for the 1000mk3 unit... and in actuality, using anything OTHER than audio-cd's was still NOT PRACTICAL... that is until cdj-2000/900 device... of which the USB is the only way to utilize mp3's.

    Thanks everyone : )
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