Can't install addictive drums 2 library on OSX

Discussion in 'Software' started by Yann, Mar 10, 2018.

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    Mar 10, 2018
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    Hi there ! (sorry for my english)

    I'm on Mac, and I can't install the library I found here because of this one

    Nothing to say about the DL, it's when I uncompress the files ( with unrarX or Keka) that it say :

    Total errors: 3
    CRC failed, may be corrupted

    I try delete all files and reDownload them, but it's always the same.. 3errors.

    I check in unrarX infos and it tell me the 3 error are :
    -XLN.Audio.Addictive.Drums.2.Complete.v2.1.7.Incl.Keygen.HAPPY.NEW.YEAR-R2R/r2r-6635.r23 : packed data CRC failed in volume /Users/salle7/Downloads/JDOWNLOAD/addictive drum library/138038.part02.rar
    XLN.Audio.Addictive.Drums.2.Complete.v2.1.7.Incl.Keygen.HAPPY.NEW.YEAR-R2R/r2r-6635.r23 - CRC failed

    -XLN.Audio.Addictive.Drums.2.Complete.v2.1.7.Incl.Keygen.HAPPY.NEW.YEAR-R2R/r2r-6635.r00 - CRC failed

    -XLN.Audio.Addictive.Drums.2.Complete.v2.1.7.Incl.Keygen.HAPPY.NEW.YEAR-R2R/r2r-6635.r26 - CRC failed

    Someone know something ? link are dead ? file corrupted ?
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    Try using better zip. It's way better.
  4. Herr Durr

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    @Yann Welcome and enjoy the forum.. but read the rules please...

    no warez linking here..
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