Can I upgrade the Superior Drummer 2 (R2R version) to the legit SD 3?

Discussion in 'Software' started by venndi, Dec 8, 2018.

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    Since there is no SD3 MAC version from R2R, I would buy the upgrade version, if it would be working with the cracked version. Had some of you tried this method?
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    You have almost answered your own question.
    While many companies know that some people use illegitimate versions of their software and offer a full upgrade purchase, keep in mind by doing this you are then acknowledging to the developers that you have been using a cracked version and buying a full legitimate version.

    I completely agree with the logic that trialing anything is a good thing for everyone to see if you like it. In saying this, I also believe if you are using something all of the time, you should buy it.
    Personally I would not tell them I had been trialing it past the one month period, because life gets in the way and I think one month is too little if we get really busy, but I did not make the rules, nor does my opinion count for much in the scheme of things.

    Just buy the full version. You may regret it if you tell them that you have been using a cracked version, no matter how pure your intent is to buy a full version. It's not lying in the true sense of the word, but sometimes, the whole truth is unnecessary and I think this is one of those times.

    EDIT: I know that most software companies keep a database of serial numbers assigned to their users for support and registration purposes. So your serial if it is cracked will not appear in their database. This is why I suggested that it is a good idea not to tell them or try and upgrade it using a cracked version, and just buy it.
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