Bugs in FL Studio 20.7

Discussion in 'FL Studio' started by Nought, Jul 7, 2020.

  1. Nought

    Nought Guest

    I noticed 2 issues in this release. The first one is related to the original release and the other one to the patch.

    1- CPU usage is not zero after launching the program (take a look at task manager).

    2- After the clean installation of the latest version of FL Studio from Image-line, "FL Studio VSTi" and "FL Studio VSTi (multi)" work fine, but after applying the patch, below problems pop up:

    1- I'm no longer able to run "FL Studio VSTi" and "FL Studio VSTi (multi)" in the normal run and the only way is running them in the bridge mode in fruity wrapper.
    2- Before enabling the bridge mode, it says: Another instance of FL Studio is already opened and doesn't go to "FL Studio VSTi" and "FL Studio VSTi (multi)" .
    3- After enabling the bridge mode, I can load "FL Studio VSTi" and "FL Studio VSTi (multi)" but after deleting them from the channels' list, below errors occur:

    FL Studio ( has encountered an error and needs to restart.

    Crash log saved to C:\Users\***\Documents\Image-Line\Data\FL Studio\Support\Logs\Crash\ folder.

    Please use Ctrl+C to copy this message and report to support.

    Access violation at address 01C908E1 in module '_FLEngine.dll'. Read of address 085A23F0
    00000000017F0000:0000000001C220CD: _FLEngine.dll
    00000000017F0000:00000000017FA459: _FLEngine.dll
    0000000077E10000:0000000077E94124: ntdll.dll
    0000000077E10000:0000000077E82D07: ntdll.dll
    00000000017F0000:0000000001C8C4E8: _FLEngine.dll
    00000000017F0000:0000000001ACBA78: _FLEngine.dll
    00000000017F0000:00000000019090C9: _FLEngine.dll
    00000000017F0000:0000000001AFDBDE: _FLEngine.dll
    00000000017F0000:0000000001ACBA32: _FLEngine.dll
    00000000017F0000:00000000018A3862: _FLEngine.dll
    0000000076A90000:0000000076A975B3: USER32.dll
    0000000076A90000:0000000076A977B8: USER32.dll
    0000000076A90000:0000000076AB9E5F: USER32.dll
    0000000076A90000:0000000076A9D4AF: USER32.dll
    0000000076A90000:0000000076A999AC: USER32.dll
    0000000074930000:0000000074931934: uxtheme.dll
    0000000074930000:0000000074931964: uxtheme.dll
    0000000076A90000:0000000076A99962: USER32.dll
    0000000076A90000:0000000076A975B3: USER32.dll
    0000000076A90000:0000000076A977B8: USER32.dll
    0000000076A90000:0000000076A99B6A: USER32.dll
    00000000017F0000:00000000019091D3: _FLEngine.dll

    I also wasn't able to run FL Studio VSTi in the previous release ( too. It's because the patch renames the original FLEngine.dll to _FLEngine.dll and adds another FLEngine.dll to the installation folder. FL Studio VSTi isn't able to detect the new FLEngine.dll.

    I think the patcher should find anther solution than renaming FLEngine.dll.
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  3. Nought

    Nought Guest

    I installed the newly released beta FL Studio but the first issue in the first post has not been resolved yet. Please inform them if you have access. Thanks! :wink:
  4. Nought

    Nought Guest

    When I change the input/output device to ASIO4ALL, cpu's usage drops but when FL Studio ASIO is selected, it is increased. For that I also replaced the current FL Studio ASIO (1.03) with the previous one form AZ, the issued wasn't resolved. I think the problem is with the connection of FL Studio to the FL Studio ASIO driver.
  5. Seecret

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    Jan 17, 2018
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    the few bugs that I noticed are when the new ''Compensate Automations'' that is for PDC, when its activated the value of some faders dont appear one the top left when moved and the values of some sends arent shown too, and as soon as I disable it, everything turns back to normal.
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  6. Nought

    Nought Guest

    I think this issue was solved in the new version. It would also be great if Mr. cracker could come up with a solution to the second problem.:wink:
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