Bohemian Rhapsody: A Thread for Opinions

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    This thread is for the moviegoers out there. I just saw the movie and I wanted to share my impressions while they're fresh. Spoiler: I'll head for the theater again soon. I'd love to read what you think of it as well.

    Before going to the theater, I thought I'd enjoy it anyway, being music related and being a fan of Queen myself. To be honest, the movie surpassed my expectations. Rami Malek performed the way he always does, and the story is, well, officially endorsed by Queen. The movie is right in every way, but what got my attention the most was the muscicality of the performance. There came a point when I really saw Freddie Mercury on stage! It's the little details that sold me: how his eyes sparkle from looking at the massive audience, the way his neck veins swell, how his breathing goes in sync with the music. His speaking voice even changes to reflect a super hungover and shitfaced Mercury in recovery the days before Live Aid in 1985. The actors that play the other Queen members play right. They must be instrumentalists, or at least, they rehearsed their parts in detail. Drum hits, guitar picking, John Deacon's swinging on stage. It's all there. As a performer myself, I could really feel the emotions during the Live Aid performance recreation, which opens and closes the film. Needless to say, I cried at different moments during the more than two hours of movie, but I'm a crybaby at movies, so that must not count for anything.

    If you haven't seen it yet, please do. If you are a musician, you'll surely enjoy it.
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    I remember hearing Bohemian Rhapsody for the first time ... I was 13... laying in bed. The older kids I knew had gone to see KISS in concert earlier that night and even though I didn't like KISS I was jealous. I was wondering what it was like to go to a concert...
    And it came on the radio.
    It was the first of many times I had the explicit feeling of realizing that a lot of people were hearing what I was hearing at the same moment.
    I was frozen, laying there until the end...then I jumped up and looked out the window. I didn't know what to do, but couldn't wait to find out about talk to the other kids.
    I remember sometime later talking to some of them and getting a negative response, but can't remember exactly what.

    I'm not a "super-fan" but their music did help form my musical tastes, but I also wonder about a corollary ... that the "taste" was there and the music engaged it.
    That same thing they "tasted" as they developed the song.

    I will definitely watch this movie. I've seen plenty of footage but this is different.
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    I watched and enjoyed it as well. It would've been nice if Sacha Baron Cohen played Freddie, but Mr. Malek did a great job. So did the rest of.the actors playing the band. Some of the story was sanitized for the general public, but otherwise a good film.
  5. Rami Malek is turning out to be a great actor. From where I first saw him in Mr. Robot, then the remake of Papillon and now from the few clips thati have seen him playing Freddie Mercury. The future is bright for Rami.

    Mike Meyers was awesome also as the company man.

    I saw Queen at Madison Square Garden supporting A Night At The Opera and was blown completely away by how great a band they were. Amazing.
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