Black Corporation's Kijimi synth

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    A couple of days ago I was impressed while watching the video review of Black Corporation's Kijimi a new 8-voice polyphonic synthesizer inspired by the sound of the rare RSF Polykobol synthesizer. It sounds amazing. Some of its features are:
    • 8-voice polyphonic analogue synthesizer
    • Fully analogue signal path
    • 384 presets
    Voice architecture
    • 2x VCOs with morphing waveforms
    • 12dB LP filter
    • EG2 ADSR/TRAPEZOID envelope with assignable destinations
    • EG1 ADSR/TRAPEZOID VCA envelope
    • Velocity and aftertouch controls with assignable destinations
    • 2x LFOs with AD envelopes
    • MIDI/MPE with polyphonic aftertouch
    • Polyphonic pitchbend
    • Unison
    • MIDI over USB
    • 256 factory and 128 user presets
    • Alternate scales and tunings

    It is available prebuilt or as a DIY kit. (Hey @SineWave get your soldering iron out :headbang:)

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