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    it has been posted out on kvraudio, so if somebody interested in it:

    OSX: Studio 1.1 BETA 9.dmg
    Windows: Studio 1.1 BETA 9.msi

    (there will be a couple of release till the final one, so it's still heavily under development)

    Changes in Bitwig Studio 1.1 BETA 9 
    Released on 10.11.2014.
    FIXED	When changing the loop region of a launcher clip, it would use the wrong offset causing it to jump when it shouldn't.
    FIXED	After recording a clip in the clip launcher notes in the beginning of the clip would get cut off at the first playback iteration.
    FIXED	Engine crash when dropping more audio files onto the clip launcher than there are scenes using the ctrl modifier.
    FIXED	Engine crashed if it couldn't connect to the remote plug-in host.
    FIXED	Saving clips or presets that contain VST plugins nested inside another device did not save the state for the plugins that were nested.
    FIXED	Active state is not loaded from chain presets.
    FIXED	Engine crashed using diatonic transposer device with shift set at -50.
    FIXED	Knob in automation lane not showing for VST devices.
    FIXED	Instrument/FX Layer: deleting a solo'ed layer leaves remaining layers muted.
    FIXED	When saving a file within the browser there was a delay of a few seconds before the file appeared.
    FIXED	Bug in Arturia MiniLab script.
    FIXED	NI Reaktor crashes when changing to another snapshot bank.
    FIXED	Crash when opening documents with deactivated tracks or chains.
    FIXED	The parameter names in Omnisphere are not shown correctly.
    FIXED	Controller API: drum pad channel observers are only called once.
    FIXED	Names of plugin outputs were not shown in the input chooser for a plugin multi-out chain.
    FIXED	Changing inputs to plugin multi out is not undoable.
    FIXED	VST Multi-Out Chain naming could be inconsistent.
    IMPROVED	Clip launcher now only jumps when changing the loop setting if the clip has played long enough to reach the loop end point once.
    IMPROVED	Turned off Address Space Layout Randomization for windows builds which were causing crashes with incompatible audio drivers and plug-ins (the industry-standard sweep-under-the-rug-fix).
    IMPROVED	Add Quneo script from McMillen.
    IMPROVED	Pre-Roll is now a global setting (was per-document before).
    Changes in Bitwig Studio 1.1 BETA 8
    Released on 07.11.2014.
    FIXED	Mixer shows unfold triangle for VSTs without sub chains.
    FIXED	It was possible to break the internal state of the peak limiter by hitting it with really loud peaks (like +120dB) .
    FIXED	Add missing chains only works in bit bridge mode.
    FIXED	Use Drag-Alternate modifier (Ctrl+Shift on OSX, Alt on Windows/Linux) for click-renaming, as Alt is used for instant copy-drag mouse interaction on OSX.
    FIXED	Existing 1.1 projects can't be opened "Invalid document: Invalid preset type found".
    FIXED	Not possible to drag and drop devices from browser to vst multi-out chains in mixer dy dragging onto the chain's header.
    FIXED	Sends are not created for the multi-out chains inside a plugin when loading a document.
    IMPROVED	When deleting a file within the browser there was a delay of a few seconds before the file disappeared.
    IMPROVED	Show IO settings for nested channels in inspector, just like for tracks.
    IMPROVED	When a track is armed with an audio source, the vu-meter's for that track in the mixer, arranger and inspector now show the track input rather thatn its output.
    IMPROVED	Improved window close behaviour for plug-ins.
    Changes in Bitwig Studio 1.1 BETA 7
    Released on 05.11.2014.
    FIXED	Crash when recovering specific project with VST plugins.
    FIXED	Audio files are rendered incorrectly in the browser if the sync to document tempo is turned off.
    FIXED	Instument and FX layer crash audio engine when deleting a layer due to switching presets.
    FIXED	Crash when performing undo after scaling notes via inspector buttons.
    FIXED	Buffer hang "beep" in browser preview player when switching to an invalid file while playing.
    FIXED	Track deactivation state is not reflected in Inspector.
    FIXED	Delay acts unexpected when set to 10.0 ms and audio buffer is very large.
    FIXED	Context menu for layers in layer device are missing.
    FIXED	PDC for note recording didn't work on the arranger.
    FIXED	Device selection frame does not repaint when selection focus changes.
    FIXED	Keyboard navigation does not work for device layers and drum pads.
    FIXED	Setting the enable/disable state of a controller preference setting doesn't work.
    FIXED	Engine crashes when undoing the move of a clip that contains automation into a track where that automation didn't make sense.
    FIXED	Tracks not auto-coloured when they're created by dragging in devices or presets from Browser.
    FIXED	Crash when showing device chain in beta 1.1 because of expression used on knob widget.
    FIXED	Crash when switching display profile via controller API.
    FIXED	Controller API: show() & hide() of settings in preferences doesn't work.
    FIXED	Changing presets while recording should not create new automation lanes for parameters that are changed by the preset for VST plugins.
    FIXED	Setting temporary panel layouts via controller API does not behave correctly.
    FIXED	Playhead is not moving in absolute arranger clip automation editor.
    FIXED	When closing a plugin's window on Linux we don't send effEditClose message to the plugin.
    FIXED	Clip length should be quantized to full bar when recording launcher clips.
    FIXED	When recording with much plug-in latency the clip was updating its length too far ahead.
    FIXED	WAV files that look like other audio file types due to wrong file name extensions cannot be imported.
    FIXED	Re-activating a device by pressing it's power button doesn't update its context menu.
    FIXED	Crash when switching panel layout via controller API.
    IMPROVED	Use a single toggle command for activate/deactivate and mute/unmute, and distinguish between mute and deactivate in menu item texts.
    IMPROVED	Undo does not work for activate/deactivate tracks/devices/chains.
    IMPROVED	Show modulation for discrete parameters in GUI.
    IMPROVED	Make all channels have a color property and accessible in inspector.
    IMPROVED	Add arranger view toggles to controller API.
    IMPROVED	Pre-roll now also works in the clip-launcher.
    IMPROVED	VST multi-output chains can now be edited.
    IMPROVED	Improved visual appearance of deactivated tracks & devices.
    IMPROVED	Controller API: misleading documentation in Host.createCursorClip.
    IMPROVED	Better default layer visibility when entering layered editing.
    IMPROVED	Better visualization for de-activated tracks & devices.
    IMPROVED	When moving clip loop region and clip is looped, let the start marker follow in a meaningful way.
    Changes in Bitwig Studio 1.1 BETA 6
    Released on 23.10.2014.
    FIXED	It was possible to create connection which was not considered considered as a feedback connection in the processing graph, but which broke the inter-track dependencies and caused the engine to hang.
    FIXED	"Exclusive mode" checkbox overlays with recording offset field when using WASAPI.
    FIXED	Changing presets while recording should not create new automation lanes for parameters that are changed by the preset for Bitwig devices.
    FIXED	Crash when changing routing output of a track which is deactivated.
    FIXED	When track is getting sidechain input from another track's PRE or POST output it gets soloed together with the track which is chosen in sidechain routing.
    FIXED	Note Editor in FOLD mode: note gets misplaced when moving it out of bounds using arrow key.
    FIXED	When cutting raw audio and resizing the start of the left part, the start of right part gets resized too.
    FIXED	Setting the play start position using the detail editors ruler area doesn't work with the time-selection tool selected.
    FIXED	Crash when removing unused controller in Studio I/O panel.
    FIXED	Crash when incrementing a discrete parameter's modulation amount using a controller.
    FIXED	Modulation of a VST parameter changes the value but doesn't change the knob's pie.
    FIXED	Rare crash when selecting clip launcher slot on hardware controller while the document is closing.
    FIXED	Arrangement clips on deactivated tracks get deleted when using global record.
    FIXED	URL in version update notifications needs to be URL encoded when opening it in the browser.
    FIXED	Split audio event by double click in clip content editor only works on first clip in timeline.
    FIXED	Crash when dragging tracks with side-chain routings from sub-channels to another document.
    FIXED	Crossfader section in mixer looks weird with scrollbar and/or sub-channels.
    FIXED	Audio editor does not repaint correctly after onset creation.
    FIXED	Controller API: crash when updating value of number settings programmatically.
    FIXED	Couldn't create "LOCALAPPDATA\Bitwig Studio" directory on windows using JRE 1.8.0_20 during initial launch.
    FIXED	Controller API: accent observer reports wrong value range.
    FIXED	After dragging device from one track to another, its nested devices are no longer selectable.
    FIXED	Crash when quantizing audio after split to onsets operation in clip launcher audio editor.
    IMPROVED	Double clicking a device in the mixer panel in a sub channel (eg drum or layer) would show the track's device chain and not the sub channel's.
    IMPROVED	Audition velocity changes with time threshold instead of playing a new note on each mouse move.
    IMPROVED	Automatically show macros when dragging a preset from the browser which had macros assigned.
    IMPROVED	ALT+Space showed the System Menu on Windows but shouldn't.
    IMPROVED	Automatically reload controller script when any file inside the parent directory of the main script changes.
    Changes in Bitwig Studio 1.1 BETA 5
    Released on 17.10.2014.
    FIXED	Bug in detection of silence of nested device chains, causing random clicks to appear on attacks in sampler.
    FIXED	Activating solo mutes effect return tracks (Introduced in BETA 4).
    FIXED	FX Layer stayed in sleep mode forever.
    FIXED	Crash when navigating layer selection of Multi-out plugins on the keyboard.
    FIXED	Application froze for a while when calculating the solo state of the document.
    Changes in Bitwig Studio 1.1 BETA 4
    Released on 16.10.2014.
    IMPROVED	Added keyboard shortcuts for Yes, No and OK in dialogs.
    IMPROVED	Upgraded PDC engine.
    FIXED	Plugin windows that have child windows show empty window when reopening in case they have been closed before by clicking the plugin window button.
    FIXED	Moving multiple successive raw audio events might alter their start time.
    FIXED	Layered editing: notes can be moved and added in locked layers, and no need for layer locking in folded mode.
    FIXED	Transport data for internal devices didn't get correctly compensated for plug-in latency.
    FIXED	Controller API: direct note input should not accept any method calls after it has been disposed, otherwise the controller might appear frozen until restart of Bitwig Studio.
    FIXED	Controller API: Clip.getAccent value setters interpret range incorrectly.
    FIXED	Crash in controller API when doing undo after adding and removing tracks.
    FIXED	When connecting the audio engine to a document, the auto-monitoring didn't update the monitor state of the tracks whose arm setting had changed correctly.
    FIXED	Consolidating audio clips may reveal material that was originally masked by clips.
    Changes in Bitwig Studio 1.1 BETA 3
    Released on 10.10.2014.
    NEW	Recording Offset (for correcting the roundtrip latency if its incorrectly reported by the audio driver).
    IMPROVED	Controller API: reverted naming conventions changes for selection cursor items made in Bitwig Studio 1.1 BETA 1, but keep the distinction between selection cursors that follow that selection in the user interface and custom named selection cursors that are allow the controller to navigate independent from the selections in the Bitwig Studio user interface.
    IMPROVED	Order of categories in controller preferences/settings should be as specified in the script.
    IMPROVED	Don't prefix send names with "Send" when reporting names to the controller API.
    IMPROVED	Controller API: add an observer for the current Project.
    IMPROVED	Solo didn't take channels routed directly to external outputs into account.
    IMPROVED	Controller API: add observer for position of device within chain.
    IMPROVED	Controller API: add bank-wise navigation for devices.
    IMPROVED	Processing latency indication on the Inspector's device chain now have a tooltip showing detailed info about which devices that are contributing to the latency.
    FIXED	Crash when control surface script is restarted automatically due to changes.
    FIXED	Controller preferences section cannot be unfolded when the controller ports have been chosen manually.
    FIXED	Controller API: addRawValueObserver is sending wrong initial value.
    FIXED	Controller API: CursorDevice.getChannelSelection() has misleading function name and documentation. It has been replaced with CursorDevice.getChannel(), which reports the track or cursor track that was used to create the cursor device. For navigation into sub-layers, drum pads or slots, use the interface methods in cursor device.
    FIXED	Controller API Documentation: parameter of selectFirstInLayer has wrong description.
    FIXED	Controller API: setting metronome level does not consider destination value range and the respective observer reports a string instead of a number.
    FIXED	Controller API: value observer for number settings returns a string instead of a number.
    FIXED	Layout errors and wrong initial visual state in controls for enum controller settings.
    FIXED	Audio clip tempo shown as 0.00 in inspector after loading document.
    FIXED	Controller API: send name observer does not get called when renaming send destination in Bitwig Studio.
    FIXED	Shuffle going wrong on Step Mod, Arpeggiator and Metronome.
    FIXED	Flat automation line does not move when changing VST parameter.
    FIXED	FX returns of individual Drum Machine tracks still audible when solo'ing other track.
    FIXED	Automation lanes with renameable parameters forget their name after save/load and display empty strings instead.
    FIXED	Bitwig Studio won't start on OSX when software from unknown developers is disabled in system preferences.
    Changes in Bitwig Studio 1.1 BETA 2
    Released on 30.09.2014.
    NEW	Added Note FX slot to sampler.
    NEW	Add access to clip loop/start and start/stop marker in control surface API.
    NEW	Add clip/slost playback state observer to controller API that reports the current state including playing, recording, stopped and the corresponding queued states.
    FIXED	Controller API: observers that indicate if a device has nested device content won't fire.
    FIXED	API reference documentation errors.
    FIXED	Crash when dragging an audio file inside the detail editor of an audio clip.
    FIXED	Controller code crashes the application when switching to a different view profile.
    FIXED	Controller API: update sendDatagramPacket documentation with information about correct value ranges.
    FIXED	Controller API: scene scrolling observers in TrackBank never fire.
    FIXED	Order of controller preferences/settings should be as specified in the script.
    FIXED	Some editing operations doesn't work with standby time-selections.
    FIXED	Preview onsets sporadic.
    FIXED	Local plugin hosting does not work on OSX (bit-bridge mode).
    FIXED	Controller API: TrackBank.scrollTracksUp/Down doesn't work anymore when configured with zero scenes.
    FIXED	Various controlller API documentation errors.
    FIXED	NumberSetting field observer returns unexpected values.
    FIXED	Controller API: user notification observer does not fire when restarting script.
    FIXED	Controller API: number settings can be set to values outside the defined range.
    IMPROVED	Controller API: add access to expanded state of devices and visibility of the macro section and device mappings editor.
    IMPROVED	Widgets for controller script enum settings in document state or preferences can become too wide when the text is too long.
    IMPROVED	Signal buttons defined in control surface document settings show category name instead of label in button text.
    IMPROVED	Prefix entries is note input choosers with controller device name if applicable.
    IMPROVED	Controller API: add observer for current display profile.
    IMPROVED	Version the preferences for different versions of the application so that switching from a later version to an earlier version will not lose your preferences.
    IMPROVED	Allow to create new Tracks with the Controller API.
    IMPROVED	Controller API: allow to observe index of selected track.
    IMPROVED	Allow the user to show/hide controller settings section.
    IMPROVED	Allow to show/hide and enable/disable individual controller settings via controller API.
    IMPROVED	Add additional action label to signal settings in controller API.
    IMPROVED	Improve MPKmini script & docs with Bitwig Studio 1.1 features.
    IMPROVED	Allow to restart controller scripts from preferences.
    IMPROVED	Controller API: provide a way to get the total number of underlying items in bank interfaces.
    IMPROVED	Controller API: add scene bank interface.
    IMPROVED	Controller API: add observers for "queued for record" and "queued for stop".
    Changes in Bitwig Studio 1.1 BETA 1
    Released on 10.09.2014.
    NEW	Allow to switch between project tabs via the Controller API.
    NEW	Add an interface to controller API for getting any action in the application in a generic way.
    NEW	Generalize the primary device concept in the controller API towards named selections, so that the primary device represents a device selection with the name "Primary". This allows to have also other device selections, for example one with the name "EQ" or "Drum", but also named selections of other items such as the "Primary Track".
    NEW	Allow to define custom controller settings via the scripting API that are stored in the Bitwig Studio preferences file or project documents. The user interface controls for the script preferences are shown in the Bitwig Studio controller preferences dialog, and the controls for the document settings are shown in the Studio IO panel.
    NEW	Generalize the cursor concept used in the controller API to generic selections.
    NEW	Tap-tempo (CTRL-click play to use it).
    NEW	Allow modulation of discrete (bool, enum, int) parameters.
    NEW	Improved sound-quality and timing of audio playback.
    NEW	Added grain size parameter to audio events.
    NEW	Added new transient preservation mode.
    NEW	Multiband FX-3 device.
    NEW	Note MOD Device.
    NEW	Track Crossfader.
    NEW	De-Esser Device.
    NEW	Route track note output to multi-timbral VST instruments (with channel selector).
    NEW	Tracks, Chains and Devices can now be deactivated to save CPU.
    NEW	Output effect chains for VST plug-ins.
    NEW	Route track note output to another track.
    NEW	Support for VST side-chaining.
    NEW	Audio Receiver Device.
    NEW	Note Receiver Device.
    NEW	Support for multi-out VST plug-ins.
    NEW	Access to nested devices and drum pads in controller API.
    FIXED	Consider step resolution when sending value changes for numeric controller preferences/settings.
    FIXED	Controller scripts in user directory do not reload automatically like the ones in the installation directory.
    FIXED	Controller API: observing the name of send controls via addNameObserver always reports "Send" but should report the name as shown in Bitwig Studio.
    FIXED	Rare crash when working with rectangular selection.
    FIXED	Crash when showing context menu in file browser for a folder when there are no bookmarks.
    FIXED	Regression: crash when setting note start to selected warp marker.
    FIXED	Regression: 1.0.9 would complain about insufficient disk space when installing packs on a fresh system.
    FIXED	When scrolling a device chain with many devices the devices towards the end of the chain would not show their name.
    FIXED	Crash sometimes when showing a plugin loading error message.
    FIXED	Controller API: creating mixer sections may crash depending on screenIndex parameter.
    FIXED	Toggling mixer sections via the Control Surface API has no effect.
    FIXED	Controller API: make window and layout parameters optional for accessing the arranger/mixer panel, so that the currently visible panel is followed. .
    FIXED	Mixer volume sliders should reset to their default value, instead 0dB.
    FIXED	Controller Scripts aren't properly reloaded when the RemoteHost Functions are used.
    FIXED	Automatic visual feedback from controllers that shows changes as popup notifications.
    IMPROVED	Add author metadata to the controller definition API for better distinction between multiple scripts for the same hardware.
    IMPROVED	Add an observer to the controller API that reports the enabled state of user notifications.
    IMPROVED	Allow toggling the Inspector from the controller API.
    IMPROVED	Rename application.delete() in Controller API as delete is a reserved word in JavaScript.
    IMPROVED	Detect added or removed controller scripts.
    IMPROVED	Allow to embed samples inside presets.
    IMPROVED	Improved Controller Script Console.
    IMPROVED	Note output from any track can be selected as a note source.
    IMPROVED	Redesigned router choosers to support hierarchical menus.
    IMPROVED	Re-designed GUI for plug-in devices.
    IMPROVED	Add @since tags to the API Documentation.
    IMPROVED	Allow renaming controllers in the preferences dialog.
    IMPROVED	Better Controller API Documentation.
    IMPROVED	Navigation of drum pads, device layer and other nested devices via Controller API.
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    where ever
    whatever happened to all those months and months of alpha/beta testing before being released? :rofl:
  4. korte1975

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    clip recording count-in still dont work ala ableton. lame.
  5. toni_aguirre

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    Will it be possible to sidechain?
  6. xbitz

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    traditionally sidechaining been added already and it's working nicely (can be routed from multi-out VSTi too)
    personally I miss the grouping (1.2) and the step-recording from it and its pianoroll is nowhere from FL, but it's definitely getting better and better which each release, Push also will be quite usable with new remote API functions
  7. xbitz

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    new features in 1.1 (repost)

    2:40 - Deactivate Tracks
    6:30 - Bundle FX within VST's
    11:00 - De-esser (new device)
    16:25 - Note Mod (new device)
    26:55 - Multiband FX-3 (new device)
    29:50 - Instrument Chain
    33:12 - Crossfader & A/B
    36:07 - Tap Tempo
    42:40 - New Stretch Parameters
    46:07 - Audio Receiver (new device)
    51:40 - New Device: Note Receiver (new device)
    54:15 - Midi Routing
    59:48 - Multi-Outs (Kontakt)
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    old java thing doesnt work
  9. ArticStorm

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    java was updated for 1.1 ;)
  10. VirtualMark

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    So if we update Java it works?
  11. Zeus

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    If you have a legit license yes. Otherwise No.
  12. Moleman

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    this thing is like less than .. what 1 or 2 years? and it is yet priced +250eur

    fuck that..
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