birdkids, Viennese modular synth company is insolvent - December 19, 2022

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    birdkids, the Viennese modular synth company (high-end Bateleur analog oscillator,
    Raven synth voice, Offgrid MIDI controller) is insolvent. December 19, 2022

    The music technology industry is currently going through difficult times. Limited quantities of available chips, a turbulent supply chain, and on top inflation that drives up all costs such as energy, etc. Boutique companies in particular, which usually have very tight cost calculations, have to struggle with this difficult, unpredictable situation.

    We have already seen several times in 2022 where this will lead. WMD, one of the most popular Eurorack brands, for example, will close its activities at the end of the year. Now a small company from Vienna (Austria) has also been hit by this.

    Unfortunately, we have to say goodbye to birdkids and their product portfolio. According to official reports, the Vienna-based company filed for bankruptcy at the beginning of December. Put simply, they probably have debts to other companies that they couldn’t pay. Very sad news, as I was dealing with the company both professionally and privately.

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