Best way to learn Motu Digital Performer 10?

Discussion in 'DAW' started by Valnar, May 30, 2020.

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    I just downloaded the groove 3 tutorials but they seem to be rather short, the manual on the other hand is literally 1000 pages and that looks pretty tedious, there are not many in-depth youtube tutorials, perhaps i should try learning this DAW with older tutorials?
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    Have you ever used a DAW before? DP is pretty cut-and-dry, probably easier to use than Logic or Pro Tools, and it has the best MIDI implementation on the Mac. Your best bet is to just dive in, figure out what you're trying to do with your composition and nose around the menus until you find the right command to do it. Audio's not as easy to figure out (DP started life as a MIDI sequencer, not an audio recorder), but it's still fairly simple. I've been using it since v3.
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    DP is probably the most complete DAW on offer, but unless you've already been using it for a while it can get frustrating. The manual is pretty thorough and it also is a guide to the plugins that come with DP as well the DAW.

    If you have a MOTU account there are resources on their pages and even outside of that area, there are still plenty of available tutorials on the web atfrom MOTU at MOTUTV, on MOTU.COM and there are Webinars at

    There are a few books written by Magic David Roberts who's been working on the development of DP and writing book on DP for as long as I can remember. They are probably twenty bucks or so each, and they really help in digging out some of the buried fetures in DP. Also, DP is pretty consistent from DP8 on so a tutorial for a feature on a DP8 feature most liley will still apply to a proceedure in DPX.

    I hope this helps a little, it's not going to be as easy as learning Abelton but it is quite a bit deeper.
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    Jun 13, 2011
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    Try this to start: Digital Performer 10 for beginners
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