Behringer Ultravoice UV1

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    Behringer Ultravoice UV1: Vocal channel strip meets audio interface

    Behringer has announced the Ultravoice UV1 channel strip. With a Midas mic preamp, compressor, de-esser, enhancer, and gate, the UV1 features a complete vocal recording chain. And they’ve even squeezed an audio interface into it, so you don’t need anything else except a mic to record vocals or voice-overs.

    Behringer Ultravoice UV1
    After seeing Behringer’s announcement, one of my colleagues commented: “It’s like the dbx 286s and the Scarlett 8i really loved each other” – and that pretty much sums it up. The UV1 combines a microphone preamp and voice processor with an integrated USB audio interface and monitoring section. Simply hook up the microphone of your choice and connect to your computer via USB, and voilà, there’s your vocal recording chain.

    The XLR-1/4” combo input on the front is wired to a Midas microphone preamp that delivers up to 60 dB of gain. Line signals can be boosted by up to 45 dB. The preamp offers phantom power and a switchable low cut filter for eliminating unwanted background noise. A pair of send and return jacks on the back allows you to add external effects if needed.

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    Soooooo... it's an interface with a rudimentary compressor and eq? Its hype, and if the processing features are software-based its ridiculous hype.
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    it's probably great if you are a singer with no knowledge of this technical stuff, and not a lot of money.
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