Behringer Cat Synth (pre orders @ $300)

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    Behringer continues releasing clones of vintage synths. :headbang: This time it is Cat, for which pre orders have started for its $300 selling price.Great price considering the original sells between $1000 and $4000.
    Behringer Cat is an analog desktop synthesizer inspired by the Octave Cat synthesizer, using the same SRM II circuitry with matched transistors and JFETs. It is perfect for thick bass lines and melodic top lines. It can be used with a MIDI keyboard and features octave transpose, glide, and pitch bend controls.

    The Cat features two analog VCOs which can be used in monophonic or two-note paraphonic operation. VCO 1 has four variable and simultaneous waveforms including saw, triangle, pulse with PWM, and a square sub octave. VCO 2 has square, sawtooth, and square sub octave. The two VCOs each feature a mixer section for these waveforms, which can be combined together to make new, more complex waveforms. The oscillators have six internal modulation sources that can be selected by switches and two modulation level attenuators. The pulse width of VCO 1 also features internal modulation with two modulation sources or manual control of pulse width. The modulation sources are the LFO's square and sine waves, sample and hold, ADSR envelope, ASR envelope, and the oscillators.

    The VCF is a lowpass filter that can track the keyboard with adjustable amount and resonance that goes into self-oscillation. It features the same six internal modulation sources and two modulation depth attenuators as the VCOs.

    The Cat's modulation sources work together with the VCOs and VCF to create the potential for intricately detailed sonic textures. The LFO's frequency ranges from one cycle every 33 seconds up to 30 cycles a second and has both sine and square outputs. The LFO includes a delay control, which applies a gradual onset to the LFO's intensity when a key is pressed. The Cat features two envelopes, an AR and an ADSR, which can also act as another LFO by looping it freely or when a key is depressed. The sample and hold can be set to sample VCO 1 or the internal noise source for random voltage generation.

    Behringer's Cat has several CV inputs, allowing external control of VCO 1, VCO 2, VCF frequency, VCF resonance, VCA level, a gate input for triggering the envelopes, and an external audio input. Outputs include the keyboard CV (derived from the MIDI input), gate output, AR envelope, and ADSR envelope. Rife with CV connections, the Cat is at home in a Eurorack system or among other desktop semi-modular synths. Keep it in the included desktop case or remove it to mount into a larger Eurorack modular setup—the choice is yours.

    This Cat purrs, growls, and hisses—but it won't scratch up your couch, and of course features an impressive internal modulation bus.

    Behringer_Cat_01.jpg Behringer_Cat_02.jpg Behringer_Cat_03.jpg Behringer_Cat_04.jpg

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    under your bed
    already have 3 cats at home, the output is rather pisspoor and shitty though so a new one might be an idea
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    Great stuff, sounds nasty

    i love behringers clones apart from:

    -The 303 isnt a great clone cutoff & res sound wise

    -I hope they are not built like shit and will just fall apart - that would be false economy