Battery 4 + Logic X = SILENCE

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    Sorry if this is repost last topic i see was from 2018"

    So Battery 4.1.6 is crashing Logic 10.4.6 every time i go to look through my samples in the battery window.

    Been trying different version out from various places but no one seems to have a older version of 4.

    Anyone having similar issues or know a fix work around or got a link for me?
    It would be super appreciated.

    yeah yeah i know EXS, But you love what you love.

    2017 Retina iMac
    24gb RAM
    i5 etc system specs are fine for what im trying to run.

    alL other Native plugins work fine. Reaktor, Kontakt, etc.

    Please help. Been trying to figure this out for about a week now with no luck.
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