Audio Recording Engineer - MediaInVision PLC - Los Angeles, CA

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    Audio Recording Engineer - MediaInVision PLC - Los Angeles, CA (Full Time Job)

    - General knowledge of studio recording techniques.
    - Flag any recording issues during sessions to avoid pickups and/or retakes.
    - Enthusiastic and willing to learn.

    The Audio Recording Engineer will provide start-to-finish audio engineering services in order to create and deliver audio recordings for Film, Multimedia and Blu-ray clients. The ideal candidate will be a highly motivated, self-starting individual who can work independently as well as within an established team.

    Principle Duties & Responsibilities
    • Record VO, lip-sync dialogue and songs with or without video reference according to client specifications
    • Flag any recording issues during sessions to avoid pickups and/or retakes
    • Edit audio files to remove all noise and irregularities, ensure dialogue lip sync and timing
    • Work with scheduler and directors to maintain established production schedule
    • Remain sensitive to client needs and adjust to new project specifications and deadlines
    • Report any issues with source material promptly for quick replacement (audio/video drop-outs, audio glitches, distortions, sync problems, missing lines and all the other errors spotted)
    • Monitor quality of all audio deliverables to maintain consistency
    • Back up all projects to the Dubbing drive on a daily basis
    • Analyze and resolve work problems proactively when possible
    • Recommend measures to improve production methods, equipment performance, and quality of product, if needed
    • Verify that all special production instructions have been followed prior to delivery
    • Confer with department supervisor to determine progress of work and to provide information on changes affecting efficiency and quality of production
    • Performs other related duties, as assigned
    • Must work overtime and weekends when needed

    Must be able to demonstrate:
    • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
    • Flexible and adaptable to new workflows
    • Friendly manner with clients, actors and colleagues
    • Good technical understanding
    • Ability to quickly grasp complex subject matters
    • Ability to work to tight deadlines and under pressure
    • Ability to work independently and on own initiative
    • Ability to be an excellent team player
    • Good time management skills
    • Excellent organizational skills
    • Strong interpersonal skills
    • Good attention to detail
    • Excellent problem-solving skills
    • Enthusiastic and willing to learn

    Qualifications and Experience
    • 2-3 years related experience recording ADR, Dubbing or Animation.
    • Experience with Mac environment, ProTools audio software and hardware, including peripheral equipment such as compressors, microphones and AD Converters
    • Understanding of audio and session formats and specifications (.wav, .mp3, .ptx, .omf,…)
    • General knowledge of studio recording techniques
    • Ability to perform quality audio recordings for both low and high end dubbing projects
    • Ability to identify and solve technical problems with equipment when possible,-CA-jobs.html?vjk=fb9612ca1124c1d2
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    I like their website. " MediaInVision Films is appoined Theatrical Talent Agent for Donald J. Trump"

    I have to pass on this career opportunity . hopefully, I am not billed recurrently. I did honestly just go look at their website without knowing this. it sort of jumped off the page.
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