Audio quality and volume in android vs apple

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    SoC (as in: CPU, GPU and various other things like GPS and sensors) is digital. The signal it sends to the DAC+amplifier chip is digital. It can't sound monotonous. It's the same as the source file. Bits don't randomly flip between 1 and 0 in different SoCs. Otherwise Flappy Bird would jump downwards on Android and upwards on iOS. Stop spreading misinformation.

    DACs are rarely the bottleneck as pretty much everything available these days would be considered high end 5-10 years ago. Your car radio probably has a DAC that can do 24-bit 192kHz and would be considered a top-tier mastering grade DAC not too long ago. The amplifier part of it is a different story, and here indeed you can see differences, depending on how much of the budget (dollar-wise, battery use-wise, and space on the circuit board-wise) of the device was allocated to audio. That said everything but the rock bottom these days is superb clean and transparent. The most noisy, colored and distorted part of the whole signal chain is your headphones tbh, followed by the amplifier.

    Also: DAC and amp don't depend at all on the SoC. The DAC takes 0 and 1. From anything. It can be any SoC, if you could tap morse code at the speed of your sample rate, it would sound the same as from a SoC. The resulting signal is the same and comes directly from the sequence of 0 and 1 coming in from whatever the source of 0 and 1 was.

    Amplifiers also don't depend on the SoC at all. They take the DAC output (which is directly related to the 0s and 1s, minus any DAC imperfections - which are not audible to pretty much any human being that hasn't been subject to audiofoolish placebo) and amplify it. Because it amplifies a lot, and is expected to do this while using not a lot of power, noise and distortion can happen here, depending on the design of the amp. Not depending on the SoC or the DAC though.
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    Thanks a lot Bro. Easy explanation. God bless you….
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