Audio Assault is giving away its Grind Machine II amp sim plugin for free

Discussion in 'Software News' started by Futurewine, Jul 25, 2019.

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    Audio Assault is giving away Grind Machine II for nothing, but hurry as it looks as though the offer is only available for a short time.

    The amp sim is designed for the heavier end of the electric guitar-playing spectrum and features a wide variety of high-gain models that are not too dissimilar to some well-known classic amplifiers.

    A total of 15 preamp simulations are joined by 15 cabinet impulse responses and, of course, you can add your own cab models to the IR loader.

    The desktop app is free (standard price $49) and available for Windows and Mac systems in VST/VST3/AU/AAX formats. Head over to the Audio Assault website to download yours.

    ok, to the batmobile.

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  3. Cav Emp

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    I got this a while ago when they had it as pay what you want. Same with their bass amp plugin. I hate to badmouth a developer who practically gives away plugins and asks very fair prices for what is--by a great many people's accounts--a great lineup of plugs. I literally don't know anything about expensive guitar amps, so take my opinion with a grain of salt, but I wasn't crazy about these two amp and cab emulations. I felt like the vast majority of the amps made things kind of harsh and shrill in the highs and high mids and the Cabs seemed to squeeze all the low end out of everything, which was especially puzzling in the bass amp one.

    Maybe I should have spent more effort testing gain staging and other tone settings but it's not like I didn't touch the knobs. I just had a hard time getting it to make a sound I liked. Maybe it would be different if I fed an actual bass guitar into it. I tried to simulate it with a low pluck and a gentle comb filter. Similar enough for 90 seconds' worth of shitty synth tweaking.
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  4. Xupito

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    Agreed. Of the audio soft I've bought I only regret two things:
    1. Prominy V-Metal: great at the time, but no upgrades at all in the productivity, articulations managing,....
    2. Grind Machine: ok it was cheap, but man it really sounds bad. You can do better with free plugins
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