Asking for feedback (or info about labels accepting this kind of "mau5trap music")

Discussion in 'Genre Specific Production' started by Rogelio, Jul 8, 2017.

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    Feb 9, 2016
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    Hi guys! first of all I have this track that has a "deadmau5, mau5trap" kind of vibe:

    Which I have sent to 3 (Progressive) labels and 2 have replied me with: "sorry this doesn't fit for us" and "sorry but we want the kind of music that may be played by Digweed, hope this make sense". I don't want to send to some electro house labels because the ones I know are more orientated to the style of Axwell & Ingrosso or the typical Festival edm music.

    The thing is, do you know about some (small or medium labels) that I can send this demo to?, also if you have any advice or tip about a label or my track is really apreciated :mates:

    Note: I'm a Hard Dance producer (which is my main thing), I have two tracks signed already (but not released yet)... and for distraction I make this "electro progressive" music.

    Thanks for reading :)
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    honestly it sounds too basic,alot going on and no groove/rhythm. try listening close to the labels/artists you look up to and compare your stuff to theirs; then check if yours sounds similar,similar in style,similarly mixed/mastered.

    i have a close buddy of mine that got picked up my mau5trap a year ago and now doing shows all over the place with them, this doesnt sound like mau5trap style.
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