Apple is starting to make me nervous

Discussion in 'Mac / Hackintosh' started by smallboy15, Oct 8, 2019.

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    Oh no, just pay for your software...
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    Yeah, but (W10 1903) when you have teh promised grail holyland as well as having cursors that you can finally see! It kinda makes it essential. Jebus, just for teh cursors! The delivery meant you have to plug in (WITH WIRES! 8O) your expensive ("well-supported") controller keyboards because of "nonexistent" drivers (aka objectively bad for everyone)...
    The antiquated drivers were released end of March, the update was in May btw.

    As well as this, ur OS suddenly deciding to bork ASIO; seemingly every time windoze updates. Which may just be me... =)

    Oh well, at least 1909 just improves totally (DAW) irrelevant, trivial things like processor rotation and latency, so can be skipped =( along with all the newest, freshest DAW-breaking bugs =)

    Yeah, even if ya do:

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