anyone wanna trade M4L devices? Got Chaos Cultures new Modulat ready to send

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    "Formerly known as Signal, Modulat is a toolbox of modules that can be connected together to create or modify signals from Ableton Live, transform and output them as Audio or control for parameters. Begin by spawning modules from the menu and then connect them with patch cords by clicking on each modules inputs (left) and outputs (right). You can click on any output to monitor its signal within the scope and all modules run at audio rate. Use the Audio In & Out Modules to exchange signals between devices or to send & receive control voltage.

    Modulat is a node based / modular playground for control signals such as LFOs, envelopes and automations. Most Max for Live control devices have a lot of issues and limit the possibilities by completely taking over the control of a parameter in Live. Signal uses audio signals for all its calculations and lets you route them however you want giving you a lot more options while keeping the highest quality possible along with staying sample accurate.

    Additionally it eliminates chain mapping, where you would use an LFO on another one. Since every mapping in Live introduces a delay as well as CPU usage, chain mapping is not useful at all. With Modulat you only need one mapping to make everything possible. You can always add another signal and keep expanding the setup. Especially by using multiple instances you can use Lives own routing to mix control signals, record them and play them back in any way using the session view, the Looper device or simply by triggering them using Simpler/Sampler.

    Additionally Modulat is the only device on the market that provides a workaround to control parameters in sync with Live by compensating for the delay. You can find out more about this workaround on page 10 of the user guide linked below.

    The modules in Modulat are versatile, you don’t need a lot of them to create something useful. With a lot of additional features that haven’t been done before, bypassing mapped parameters for example, Signal is the ultimate control device.

    With the flexibility Modulat becomes a meta language, you can basically create your own control devices exactly how you like it without actually having to program them in Max. Signal takes away all the work of getting the basics to work and leaves you only with the decision making"

    LOOKING FOR OTHER TOP QUALITY DEVICES. I actually paid the $85 bucks for this and its worth it. chaos-culture-signal-01-770x425.jpg
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