Anyone knows how to make a Symlink VST?

Discussion in 'PC' started by BlackXIII, Nov 21, 2018.

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    Hello everyone.

    I want to turn Vocaloid into a Symlink (no install) VST, because I want the data to be portable.

    (Symlink or no-install VST is like portable program, with which you don't have to next-next-next install to your PC system but to any folder)

    I am thinking of a way to change the code from another Symlink installer into code of what I want to install, for example:
    C:\Program Files\Amplitube\
    C:\Program Files\Vocaloid\

    This is code from Amplitube Symlink installer. Is that able to do?
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    Simplest 2 clicks solution is to install hard link shell extension:
    Right click on your plugin file and "pick link source" go to your plugin folder right click and "drop target as..." symbolic link
    you can do same with folders also

    ps part of the batch you shared has nothing to see with symbolic link creation, just the part to check for admin rights and x64 OS
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  4. DoubleTake

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    That "linkshellextentsion" is a great little tool I use a lot :)
    The older Vocaloid.v5.0.1.1 had an error and the uninstall deleted a bunch of other VSTs.
    That is supposed the be fixed in the v5.0.3, but I have yet to install it myself.
    I planned to do that, as I have so many of the libraries and was making some progress in learning how to use it.

    It seems to me that using another installer as a template for Vocaloid might be difficult because the program itself chooses where to look.

    I unpacked the Vocaloid.5.ESV.v5.0.3 from sister site (2018.09.10) using "Inno Setup Unpacker"
    (it works with most R2R and the Symlinks i have tried, but VR uses a password)
    How I do it with Inno:
    I use the Inno Setup Unpacker version I copied "innounp.exe" to system32 folder.
    I made a "unpack.bat" file containing this:
    innounp -x -dEXTRACT "Setup Program X.exe"
    cmd /k
    I just copy the .bat file into wherever a setup is that I want to unpack.
    Then I edit it , pasting the name of the install.exe over "Program X.exe".
    It unpacks the install to a folder named "Unpack" and leaves the window open to see what it did.

    So the install script and files are accessible, but I would not try to rewrite it myself.
    I don't know what some of that stuff does! :dunno:

    When I installed the older version, and began installing voices, I found the folder was going to get big.
    I would have just moved the folder and symlinked it, but I decided to install it to my DAW library folder, because of this:
    WARNING - DO NOT USE : VOCALOID5EditorSV_Repackage2" (v5.0.1.1)
    These notes were from the v5.0.1.1 install.
    See notes below (***) on installing to another drive (both the program and the extra voices)*
    For VST to work in DAW make sure to copy the DLL into your Plugins folder to be scanned:
    In Windows, copy
    "C:\Program Files\VOCALOID5ESV\VSTi\VOCALOID5 VSTi.dll' into your VSTPlugIns Folder.
    === Notes ============================================
    Creates : Program Files\Pocaloid5ESV\
    AND ...
    Creates a Symlink in "C:\Program Files\Common Files\" named "Vocaloid5"
    pointing to: "C:\Program Files\Pocaloid5ESV\Common\"
    SO .....
    All the data is actually in "C:\Program Files\Pocaloid5ESV\Common\"
    MUST CHOOSE "Custom" install to change the default Voice Library install directory from:
    C:\Program Files\Common Files\Vocaloid5\Voicelib\
    to: "G:\Factory Sounds\Vocaloid" (or other location path)
    *** Notes for installing on another drive ***
    The install creates a Symlink in "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Vocaloid5\"
    (Actually a Symlink to:"C:\Program Files\Pocaloid5ESV\Common\")
    It increases in size with adding voices, so I want to move the Pocaloid5ESV folder to another drive.
    So, I installed to: "G:\Factory Sounds\Vocaloid".
    It created the Symlink in "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Vocaloid5\"
    Now when I install extra voices, they will go into: (verified it works)
    "G:\Factory Sounds\Vocaloid\POCALOID5ESV\Common\Voicelib"
    So, yes I uninstalled it and found the error with my missing VSTs, but had a full backup from right before I installed it ;)
    25 minutes later I was installing it again just to see how it does. Seemed like fun!
    Later i restored my backup again and never got around to trying the newer fixed one, but i will :)

    Here is Inno:
    The install script is too long to post here and not sure it would be right to do that, but any trouble using Inno just PM me.

    I would need to install the newer one (to my other drive of course) to see if it works the same, but this is still writing registry entries and that is what you are wanting to avoid as well, i think.
    If ALL you want to do is keep the file size down on your OS drive, simple Symlinking using Link Shell Extension is the way to go.
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  5. Agent007

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    Oct 19, 2018
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    Wherever Nord VPN takes me
    It certainly did. Every folder in C:\Program Files was wiped clean. I would never install it again.
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  6. DoubleTake

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    Jul 16, 2017
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    Well holy SHIT! And unholy shit, too!
    I saw a few VSTs gone, and some remained. When I posted commenting/warning on that I expected more replies, but maybe many were UNABLE to reply- lol.
    Well I never trust anything really when it comes to investing my time, and backup like a madman.
    Once you set it up, and with today's storage and speeds, it's like nothing.
    I do not trust anything, but i do not fear anything either :D
  7. Agent007

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    Oct 19, 2018
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    Wherever Nord VPN takes me
    I found out right away because all of a sudden I had an extra 20 GB on my C: drive. Recovering was not hard because I do daily backups and one of the few good things about Windows 7 is that all those system folders have a "previous version" option from which you can extract that data without running a System Restore or an Image based Recovery. But as I said, I would never install that Vocaloid again.
  8. Xupito

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    I do. But if the good replies, specially by @DoubleTake, are enough go for it. Because I'm veryyy laaazyyy and tired...

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