Anyone know of any good tools for setting up visual notes/prompts for presentation for Windows?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Bunford, Apr 20, 2024.

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    I have a meeting on Tuesday morning where I need LOTS of notes and prompts and also giving a presentation and will be held over Microsoft Teams.

    It will be on my laptop on my desk, laptop being placed in front of my 34" ultrawide monitor.

    I want to display my notes and prompts, including bits about my presentation on the ultrawide monitor behind my laptop so that I can glance at them quickly and easily if need be.

    I'm currently putting some notes down on my desktop using Sticky Notes on Windows 11, but has limitations in that there's normal, bold, underlined and bullet point options with nothing else.

    I'm wondering if there is something a bit more modern, flexible, visual, where I can have it on my ultrawide monitor in full screen that has everything i need where i can edit, colour, add visual prompts, and so on? Ideally something without too much of a learning curve would be good due to the short notice!

    Anyone got any suggestions?
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    One of those Mind Mappers comes to mind. XMind or Mindjet (MindManager?). You don't even have to make a traditional mind map, treat it like a whiteboard as they have lots of text formatting options, pictures, links, etc.

    Edit: Also, the canvas is essentially infinite in size, so you can have multiple sections on the same map to scroll to if needed.
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    MS Powerpoint (non-free) or LibreOffice Impress (free) could do it. To build and structure ideas in writing I use FinalDraft. Dunno if it's on Windows. You can collab online with other people and work on the same thing.