Anyone here use a Behringer Motor series MIDI keyboard controller?

Discussion in 'Instruments' started by Bunford, Aug 30, 2018.

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    I've recently purchased the Motor 49, and gotta say it is a pretty awesome MIDI keyboard controller from my use so far! However, one thing that baffles me is that they have not installed any presets on it and there don't seem to be any available for download from their site either?!?!

    Just wondering if anybody else has one, whether you've been able to get hold of any presets (if so, from where?), and how you've found it to map everything (as I absolutely detest MIDI mapping my gear!)?
  2. Herr Durr

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    yaaaay Behringer.. :hillbilly:

    Sorry can't help ya cuz been burned one time good enough to stay shy of that brand for pretty much
    whatever mortal time is left to me....

    however.. how about the build of it? key action? I'm still curious as to your impressions..

    if you use Reaper.. you can always use the action list to set up the controller..provided it doesn't
    also make an ordeal of sending midi control data.. :chilling:

    kinda goofy... but this guy says he knows how to make it work.. :no:

  3. I feel the same way about the B________ word. I even had a Composer given to me as a present years ago and almost immediately re-gifted it to a friend in France's 14 yo daughter who was beginning to record her stuff (still in the box unopened), and as well have an oldie MDX 1000 (that I found next to a garbage bin in my neighborhood...I'm a connoisseur of fine found thing) and just sits in the shadows collecting dust. It supposedly is the exact same as a DBX 160 so won't suck, not yet made in China and still in Germany, a really good vca comp for drums and even vocals, unobtrusively quiet, not lending color but just there to even a signal out. I guess that I should try it out. It powers up fine but was afraid of getting cooties from the B word and was out of iodine...but then, I'm can be a weird fellow about some things and not afraid to admit it. It is a stereo unit, and if I wasn't lazy would route it through the Presonus Digimax XT that also sits idle (just in case I need to record a drum set or band...which is never going to happen anymore, but for 50 bucks it sounds friggin great) and send a drum buss thru and back into the DAW.

    About the Motor 49 video, when the guy said that the they keyboard wasn't the same as the M-Audio, although as a whole it is very similar, I spoke out loud, "That's a good thing", and the next moment he said exactly the same thing!:yes:

    So, how does that keyboard feel, and does it use aftertouch? I didn't watch the whole thing.

    Enjoy the new toy.
  4. Herr Durr

    Herr Durr Guest

    interesting.. but I only came up with this...

    and the pricier D8.

    in any case, $50 ? best I could do was $90 for a Tascam US-1800 with one non-functioning pre..
    you have some amazing "Scottish" blood somewhere dude.... :bleh:
  5. Highlanders, House of Morgan. My great great great great great great grandfather is Morgan Morgan who was the first European to cross into what is current day West Virginia. Had a death fight with a local Shawnee chief, survived minus one eye, took the chief's squaw as his woman, had a son Morgan Morgan Jr. who was a scout for the King's army. Fast forward to 2018 and I buy a Presonus Digimax XT for $50, have issues with the seller over shipping costs, have a death fight over $3, kill the seller and so pay no shipping. It runs in the family!:rofl:

    Edit...supposedly the XT has nicer preamps than the D. The XTs are kind of warm sounding, much nicer to me than the Babyface's which are totally clean and kinda sterile and which I never use for the Tonebeast and Daking Mic Pre One which take up preamp duties.
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    Ahh, the B-word. Sorry bro, they try their best, but they make shitty stuff.
  7. Iggy

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    I've never had any luck with controller editors. I wind up owning stuff with lots of faders, pads, knobs and switches that look great and don't actually do anything. I imagine the Motor is HUI-compatible? If so, you might just be able to set up your DAW to use the faders and knobs on your Motor to operate the DAW's mixer via activating HUI. As for using it to operate plugs and VIs, I have no idea. You may just have to assign MIDI CCs to each of the Motor's controls manually. That's why I mix with a mouse - er, touchpad.
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