Anyone else having this problem with ShaperBox 2.0.0 IND Mac in Bitwig?

Discussion in 'Software' started by DWUW, Dec 14, 2019.

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    I was lucky to get the shortlived "CableGuys ShaperBox 2.0.0 IND for Mac"-release, but can't get it properly activated in Bitwig.
    Everytime I open the plugin - as VST or (with Blue Cat Patchwork) AU - it ask for the license, and no matter how often I point to the license, the next time when opende up it asks again.
    After uploading the license Shaperbox says it is still in Demo, although the license is listed in its info menue and I can save presets, meaning it is actually not in demo anymore and fully working, but this constant asking for the license and the constant need to upload the license again and again makes it unsuable for now.

    On the other hand the same AU and VST work without problems in Logic and Live, so this seems not a bug but a problem with Bitwig.
    I deleted and re-installed the plugins many times, rescanned them in Bitwig many times, and deleted and re-generated Bitwigs VST cache (as described on Bitwigs Q&A site) but no luck so far.

    Has anone else this problem?
    Or has anyone an idea what I might try?
    Since Bitwig really is my main DAW, I woukd be very thankful for any kind of help or advice.
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