Anybody using Linux?

Discussion in 'Linux' started by Tele_Vision, May 25, 2021.

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    I wiped windows 7 with the intention of reinstalling it if Linux didn't work out, but I can do everything I need on Linux.
    I don't use Jack or anything like that, just ALSA, (there's a way to fool programs into thinking they're using pulseaudio but it's really ALSA under the hood but I can't recall how I did that at this time.) and I can run a lot of tracks, plugs, etc in Reaper on WINE (theres also a native linux version but i'm working on projects i started on windows) and for the most part it works. just save often. you'll figure out there's weird dumb stuff that happens but that's life. There's one super important feature of Linux (at least arch) you need to use and it's cpupower-gui. This lets you adjust for performance.

    Other than audio, I use a lot of software that is multiplatform anyway so I don't care, it just works. I do have a medium amount of experience with Linux though. It's actually fun once you get the hang of using the command line and understand the differences between it and windows. I don't want windows anymore, put it that way.
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    I left the Windoze community about 15 years ago and I've never regretted it. There's been times where I've broken something, needed a machine to work from and just switched to one of my iMacs or my MacBook. I don't do much gaming anymore, but even in the days when I was a heavy PC gamer WINE wasn't as reliable as it is now a days (let alone being able to pull it from apt-get, yum, port or the other "package getters" these days) I was still able to find a way to get the ones I did play running.

    I always keep a spare drive with Doze on it if I am ever forced into it for whatever reason, but that's seldom needed (last time I booted into it was I think 2018 or 2019?) The only time I *had* to boot into WIndoze to do anything was before I picked up my MacBook that runs Serato & Ableton. I had Serato on my laptop, however I was looking to get into a Linux DVS about the time I switched.

    I do my production stuff from my Apple machines simply for the "ease" of the ubiquity of the community now - in the PPC days they were two distinctly different ecosystems - and since the App Store went over so well, and Apple is no longer a "boutique" brand, I wouldn't be too about scarcity of programs/plugins there anymore.

    Go for it.
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