Any metalheads in the house?

Discussion in 'Rock, Metal' started by Demon, Mar 31, 2014.

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    Yeah, too bad. I began to compose modules very early, in '96 I think (MSDOS trackers). My only source of modules, and computer soft in general, were the CDs that came with PC magazines. By the time I got DSL in the early 2000s I just assumed there wasn't because I had everything else (photos, audios, music, photos, even the first videos). So I didn't search them. Damn.

    Well, perhaps was a good thing, I doubt that I had time for finishing college with metal sampled guitars to play with haha. Yeah, I switched to modplug tracker & player, the best for Windows hands down. But I still hadn't metal samples, so I only played a little.

    Years later I discovered a metal guitar .sf2/.sfz in a torrent OR DD site. It was a shock, and pulling the string I discovered DAWs and VSTs and when I heard the demos of Prominy LPC first version well, the boner thing.

    Yeah, I remember that. In the only song I finished I used a clean electric guitar. Vibratos and portamentos were freaking cool :)
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    Hi folks, I listen many different music genres, from Lisa Gerrard to Caparezza, from Azam Ali to Halo soundtracks passing by The Heavy untill animes and TV shows ost. But force is to admit... maybe... somewhere... deeply rooted inside..., I am a metalhead, I confess :headbang::rofl:

    I have listened most of the 80's-90's "classics" in most of styles. But my first love have been the atmospheric doom/death. Like many here have already said, Paradise Lost, between Shades Of Gods and One Second, after I haven't followed. How much times I listen "As I Die" in loops. But my favourite band of all times, even if it's not metal anymore, is Tiamat, Clouds - Wildhoney - Deeper Kind Of Slumber period, Wildhoney at the top, I'll never getting tired of it.
    Later, to the 2000's, I was the feeling to have done the turn of metal and it start to boring me. I was not fan of new styles like Nu Metal and other new stuff. Then I have abandoned metal for about five years until I discover Gojira, I love their heaviness and simplicity. Plus they seem to be quite humble.
    I rather death voice than black or clear singing, But not to much death either, like it seems they yelling in the toilet bowl :)

    Since, I dive in again for the best. With some progressive deathmetal/deathcore bands which make me feel alive.

    Impending Doom

    And less violent but atypical as I love

    I hope I make you do some discoveries and I'm curious of what you think about.
    Sorry for the long post, passion speaking.

    Sorry, I don't know how to only make appear links and not the entire video. If you could tell me :bow:
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    Gone Postal
    A metal lifer here, Greetings to all fellow metalheads and all the best you way
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    hey Demon, i'm into every genre really. here i play Pantera covers :) , i used only lepou plugins

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    Another metalhead here!
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