AKAI MPC Software, now Available to Everyone

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    MPC Software no longer needs hardware. I received an email today in regards to a sale that's going on.

    "The three letters ‘MPC’ are legendary in the audio world. It is the name of one of the most famous audio hardware units ever manufactured and used by countless musician and producers to build their hit records. Today the new 2.2 software version makes it available to everyone. And we have an Incredible Deal to celebrate this for you.

    This new software version makes the legendary AKAI MPC recording system available to anyone that uses any MIDI controllers such as those from M-Audio, Native Instruments, Alesis, Novation, etc.

    You therefore no longer need to own any MPC hardware to use the amazing MPC software on Mac or PC.

    The MPC 2.2 Standard version is available on promo at ONLY $99 (List $249). The ‘Standard’ version comes with an additional 5 sound expansion packs FREE of charge. An extra value of $250 for you!

    A “Premier” version of the MPC 2.2 is also available to everyone for ONLY $249 (List $599). It comes packed with 10 sound expansion packs, 4 MPC plugins, AND the AIEP3 Complete from AIR Music including such virtual instruments; Hybrid 3, Vacuum Pro, Transfuser. That’s a whopping $1200 of software for FREE!!!

    Please note, the MPC 2.2 Standard upgrade is a free update for owners of Version 2.0 and 2.1. Owners of Version 1 purchase the MPC Standard as an upgrade for ONLY $99. Here are the links to the MPC 2.2 Demo for owners who qualify for the FREE upgrade and others who just want to try it:"


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