Adjustable Pre-Delay Sends

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    Thanks again. I think I've used this for something already but it never crossed my mind. Perfect for Brauerizing vocals as well. I've set that up already and its brilliant, thanks.

    The multiple send delay thing won't work without adding an audio channel for every instrument that wants positioning. Probably useful in some cases where you don't need many sends delaying. On the drums I already set up I'd need about 15 audio channels, so the sends is more appropriate, but its nice to have those options.

    The setup for the Audio Hack is a bit more complicated as well. I figured it out setting Audio From (select the track) > Post Mixer > set Monitor to In > Audio To set to Sends Only > then set the Send amount and set the mixer level. Good opportunity to add a bit of Haas into the delay as well if its a single sound that benefits. Nice on the vocal I've used. Really awesome effect.
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