Adding Reaktor Snapshot Banks as Maschine Banks

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    I figured I'd post this for anyone who uses Reaktor inside of Maschine as much as me.


    Most newer Reaktor ensembles do this by default but It's always useful to categorize your custom made presets (snapshots) into banks for quick loading in Maschine.
    The tags do a decent job on their own but with this when you scroll to Reaktor/ReaktorFX you will see a list of your snapshot banks for each Instrument/FX ensemble and then the snapshots contained within the bank itself. No more more scrolling through hundreds of presets (tagged or not) to find the one you want.

    This is especially handy for the stuff you find in the Reaktor User Library.
    This tutorial was written for Reaktor 5 but works exactly the same for 6.
    Remember that once you only have to do this ONCE for an ensemble and save it for all of it''s snapshots to browsable in Maschine. Once you've saved it any future snapshots you make will automatically appear in the Maschine browser.

    Equally important is the part about defining additional Panel Sets. If the ensemble has more than one VIEW you must add Panelset Views for each one or this won't work properly. Most ensembles only have 2-3 but if your snapshot bank is not showing in Maschine, this is probably why.

    Last of all, if your intrument or FX has pages of 'Reserved #' on the Maschine browser before finally showing you some parameters on page 6 or something ridiculous like that:

    1. Toggle edit mode
    2. Select the .ens instrument name
    3. Select Properties
    4 Select the Connect tab
    5 Scroll ALL the way down...
    6 Automation
    7 Set the Base ID to 0 by selecting ID Actions then selecting Instrument Up (multiple times)

    Once the Base ID is at 0 select Sort and Compress IDs


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