About to send EDM song to label, was wanting feedback before I do...

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    You can download the MP3 version from my google drive here:


    This is a song I've been personally working on by myself for a little while now (including sound design, sound layering, production, arrangement, mixing, and mastering. No body else has touched this track but me). This track was originally going to be me as the vocals, but I felt it needed a female touch, so I used Charlotte Cardin's vocals from her new track California. I'll post a link to it.

    I've mixed this in mono, listened to it on a number of different systems, ran the stats in adobe audition which i'll post, I'm just looking for feedback before I send it off. I've kind of made this Audiosex forum my new home since both quora and gearsluts annoyed me into leaving. You guys have been MUCH more open to the EDM genre, so hopefully the feedback is good, but don't be afraid to criticize, just don't say it's sh*t without some form of guidance. I want to improve.

    I don't use presets. I did all the sound design myself. I posted a couple days ago a thread in "working with sounds" where I posted 10 free Serum presets I personally made if you are interested. I don't think any of those sounds were used in this, but if anyone has any questions over sound design, I could talk about if for days, so let me know.

    Hopefully you enjoy.

    (and the file on my google drive is an MP3, the stats are of the original wav file which is what will be sent over.)

    Here's the stats:

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    Welcome aboard.
    We are happy to "mix" your music with our music

    I prefer the one on Google Drive. :wink: Anyway, sometimes your voice slips behind drums.

    The day you decide to share vocal parts let me know.
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