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    I'm currently used both Ableton and Studio One, unable to settle on either. I haveused Ableton since version 5 and been recently picking into Studio One more and more. My dilemma is essentially that I love Ableton's workflow for MIDI editing, features like slice to MIDI and it's general feel, but I have ALWAYS hated it's ugly mixer. On the hand, I absolutely adore Studio One's mixer and the fact that it also has a dedicated mastering section within it.

    Essentially, I am trying to have a workflow that allows me to create in Ableton and mix in Studio One, but (and this is the critical part), without the what feels like laborious and unnecessary step of exporting everything to audio stems from Ableton and then importing them into Studio One. I would ideally like to have it all open simultaneously using the workflow so that I can make changes on the fly if needed, without having to go through the entire process again just to fix something that may be minor and simple.

    Any suggestions on how to achieve this, and be able to access all my VSTs in both DAWs ideally?
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    Hi. Have you try it with ReaRoute ASIO? If not, you can get it from Reaper installer. I think the fully functional trial also has it.

    The way to configure it setup is something like this video. Here, Reaper is the editor and Mixbus is the mixer.
    You have to try to figure it setup so you can achieve the same with Ableton as editor, and S1 as the mixer.

    Just fyi, maybe there's other better way to do it, i'd like to know too. :yes:
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