Ableton 11 (9 & 10) latency on High Sierra Hackintosh

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    Hello there, I've been having a issue with latency, specifically audio input latency. I dont know when it started cause I'm always monitoring myself with the interface direct monitoring, but I realized that it's not normal cause on my two other machines/system it works flawlessly;

    I have a desktop pc running High Sierra (Hackintosh) and also Win 10;
    i7 6700k
    16 gb ddr4
    500 gb ssd (where Osx it's installed)
    couple of tb hdd for win and file librarys.
    nvidia gtx960 (the reason why i cannot upload to mojave)

    Also my usb interface its a Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 2nd gen, running latest drivers (3.7 i think, i just update it bc was using some old drivers but i don't think that's the problem)

    Ableton Live 11.0.2 has been my main DAW since last year, but i did try with ableton 10.1.9, ableton 11, and ableton 11.1. Tried with cracked suite, legal trial and legal lite versions.

    On the High Sierra system, with the buffer size as low as 32 i get around 4 total ms of latency (7ms before installing the low latency driver from focusrite) but the latency I hear while playing guitar (comparing the direct monitoring from the interface and the audio monitoring from Live) it around 30 ms, its like a very short slapback delay. With higher buffer size (128 and 512) It's even worse, unplayable. I didn't care too much about it bc as i said, i usually monitor with just the interface, but when working with other people that needs some fx on the guitar or the voice it gets incredible annoying.

    I think for some time that the problem was with my system, but using Logic i get (what i guess it is) the real latency; 4.3ms with the buffer size at 32, it's sounds like a bit of a phase issue if i have both the monitoring from Live and the Focusrite interface, I have no problem playing with that buffer size. I also tried with Reaper and bias fx and got the same results. Tried reinstalling completely Live, installing other versiones, but it didn't get any better. I tried it on my Win 10 partition on the same machine and I got the same results as in Logic, Reaper and bias fx on High Sierra.

    I also have a mid 2012 macbook pro, i7, 16 gb ddr3, nvidia gpu and running mojave; didn't got any issues with latency, so it's not a problem between OSX and Live i guess, the only difference being that it's a real OSX and not a hackintosh.

    I truly don't know what to do, even with clean and legal installation of Live (lite, trial, suite without activating) i have those latency issues. I know also that's not the problem bc of having cracked suite on mbp pro.

    Was planning to buy suite license in a couple of monhts but first i need to make sure it will run on my system.

    Anyone had similar issues, or had some idea of how to solve it?

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