A remarkable little FREE tool to fix stereo/phase issues in your mix (PC's only, sorry)

Discussion in 'Mixing and Mastering' started by Cardamom, Jan 27, 2022.

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    Y'know, there's LOTS of big and big name plugins out there to help you get your LCR balance right by controlling/eliminating phase issues. Lots of 'how to' tutorials to help you EQ the crap out of your mix to allow each instrument to breathe (which, yeah, is real important!). But when mixing doubled voices, guitars or working with some stereo synth pads or whatever, I've found NOTHING that gets to the heart of the matter better than ARX ONE (only for PC - sorry!). So dang simple. It's amazing to hear what it's doing by switching back and forth from Mono and realizing, "Hey, this sounds balanced in Mono and Stereo like I wanted it to".

    I don't know this dude and have no agenda promoting this tool. I just can't believe more people aren't talking about it's power to fix issues fast and clean. WATCH THE VIDEO to really gain an upper hand in utilizing its every aspect. Not that there's much to it! Enjoy and report back with your 'fixes' on doubled guitars, synths, voices, etc.

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    Thanks for the share! very interesting plugin and a personal struggle, always fighting to have the most mono compatible sound while dealing with samples and virtual synths its not always easy so this tool will be great.
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