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    Magnetic Fields is an eclectic collection of 50 dark and atmospheric soundscapes, crafted by Matt Bowdler aka The Unfinished. The idea behind the sounds is one of dusty, mechanical, hyperreal atmospherics. Glimpses into little worlds that may or may not exist.

    The sounds were constructed with a variety of The Unfinished’s homegrown samples, which were then processed with a variety of NI Reaktor modules. Field recordings, vocals and drum loops have all been given the Magnetic Fields treatment, providing a cool collection of curiosities ideal for ambient, sci-fi and horror work.

    The Unfinished is a composer, sound designer and producer based in London. He has worked on a variety of projects including Hollywood movies, hit US TV shows and AAA video games. You can take a look at some fantastic commercial sound design work but The Unfinished in his online shop.

    Technical Details
    Magnetic Fields contains 50 atmospheric soundscapes in 24-bit WAV format. All included sounds have been created by The Unfinished. The raw WAV files are included in the SAMPLES folder inside the download pack.

    The download pack also contains a set of NKI instrument patches, which can be loaded inside NI Kontakt 5. The patches are based on a custom script which was kindly provided by Tudor Nastase aka Evoke.

    The main NKI file is located in the root folder and it contains all 50 soundscapes which are mapped across the keyboard. A bonus set of tuned NKI patches is located in the BONUS PATCHES folder. These additional patches work very well for playing weird pads and lead sounds.

    Finally, the library contains a simple SFZ instrument patches with all 50 samples mapped across the keyboard. The SFZ patch is located in the SAMPLES folder. You can use freeware instruments such as Zampler or sforzando to load the provided SFZ patch.

    Link: Here!
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    where ever
    I got all excited, thought is was samples based on Jean Michael Jarre's "Magnetic Fields" Album :snuffy:
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    Nice one phloopy... *yes*
    Thanks again Man... :mates:
    :wink: :wink: :wink:
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    thanks !
    Take a listen at other banks.
    For me, it was Sound Design and Weird banks :wink:
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