2 Headphone for mix and records? Budget: 300$

Discussion in 'Studio' started by Highdom, Feb 24, 2018.

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    Hi guys! This will definitely be my first pass in changing my home studio to a next level.

    My problem: At the moment, I work in a small home studio with a pair of KRK Rokit and with an acoustic treatment not so good. I was thinking about buying a good pair of headphones is the priority to me.
    My actual headphone: Shure SRH840. They are closed and I use them to mix a little bit, but I am searching some good open headphone to mix my tracks, so with a good bass response. (no mastering at the moment)

    My idea & my budget: sell my SRH840 and buy a small pair of closed headphones just to give them to singers/players when recording (something REALLY cheaper, around 30/40$, it would be really cool to save money here) and buy open headphones to mix better than with my actual ones (with a budget of 250$).

    Should I sell my Shure srh840 to save some money and invest them in a new setup or keep both my actual Shure and buy new ones with 150/200$?

    What model do you recommend? Thanks!

    I don't know if could help, my audio card is an Apogee Duet

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    Keep the Shure cans because the talent will perform to the best of their ability when they hear themselves as they believe that they sound. A little reverb, a little delay can help some, others need a clean signal, but a good monitoring is important, especially for a singer. Then save a little more and buy a pair of good opened headphones that work for you for the times that you need to mix with them.
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    If you're into closed cans than some beyerdinamics dt 990 should do the job, for open go with Sennheiser HD600
  5. TW

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    I would keep the shure for tracking and order a pair of open/semi open headphones for mixing.

    I am a bit of a headphones junky. I got 7 pairs at the moment in the low to mid price range from superlux to beyerdynamic dt to akg (812). My newest Babies are Fostex T50Rp Mk 3 - semi open. I got them to mod them and have fun with them. I have to say they are the best bang for the buck in my collection by far. Even without modding They sound allready really good and can compete with headphones that cost nearly twice the price ...
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    I just snagged a pair of AKG K553 Pros for $89 new on Musicians Friend's Stupid Deal of the Day (normally $200). I have yet to mix with them yet but per AKG "Their unique performance results from the perfect balance between the noise-isolating qualities of a closed-back headphones and the spacious, dimensional sound of an open-back design."
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    I would keep the Shure and with that budget (HD 600 is very good, but too expensive) go for AKG 702, Beyerdynamic DT-990 Pro, or Edition, or DT-880 (kepp an eye on the impedance).
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